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    Group rates

    Take advantage of preferential rates for your visit to Bourdeilles Castle.

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    Experiences tailored to your preferences

    Our team can provide you with turnkey packages, perfectly tailored to your needs. A private tour of the château, the organisation of a corporate event, an evening of Cave Art and Gastronomy at Lascaux IV, a VIP experience as an animal keeper at the Parc du Thot… Give yourself a unique experience at one of the must-see sites in the Périgord!

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    A travel agency to organise your stay

    Rely on our expertise in the Dordogne and the surrounding area to design exceptional holidays! As an accredited incoming travel agency, our team can adapt to your requirements, including venue hire, activities, cultural visits and a full range of catering, accommodation and transport services: download the brochure.

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The reservations department will answer all your questions to make your stay unforgettable.
Catherine Personne
Groups and Events Manager
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