Discover Two Chateaux and Two Eras

The earliest origins of Chateau de Bourdeilles date back as far as the 12th century and, today, the chateau is a listed Historic Monument and a Major Site of Aquitaine, tracing back eight centuries of history.  Located to the north-west of Périgueux, it dominates the Dronne River from a rocky outcrop.

In the Middle Ages, the defensive fort of Bourdeilles was coveted by many.  In an era of bloody battles and violent conflict between France and England, Bourdeilles passed from the Kingdom of France into the hands of the English Crown before being freed again by the knight, Sir Duguesclin.

By the Renaissance, a love for all things beautiful and a new, comfortable way of life, led to the construction of a rich, luxurious building juxtaposing the fort.  Via the vagaries of history – and the ups and downs of inheritance - the two chateaux were bequeathed by the last descendants to the Dordogne in 1962, whereupon its restoration was entrusted to two patrons until 1972.

The patrons’ passion for the Bourdeilles chateaux inspired them to furnish the Renaissance rooms with an exceptional collection of furniture comprising over 700 pieces.  The collection is one of the most beautiful in France and includes precious objects dating from the 14th and 19th centuries.

The architecture of the 13th-century castle is clearly military.

A high wall featuring machicolations, arrow-loops, crossbow-slits, and the defensive castle entrance are dominated by a 35m-high, octagonal keep of a surprisingly linear design. The keep is built over four vaulted levels and has a terrace boasting a breath-taking view.

The Renaissance living quarters, dating from the late 16th century, were modelled on the traditional Italian Palazzo. Light-filled, richly ornamented, and sumptuous, it embodies the excess of the Second French Renaissance.  Decor dating from the 17th and 18th centuries is still intact and luxurious artefacts from France, Flanders, Italy, and Spain transport the visitor back to the golden age of centuries past.

Delve into the World of Chateau de Bourdeilles

carte bourdeilles
  • 1 Cour d'honneur
  • 2 Courtyard of the Count’s Chateau
  • 3 Great Hall
  • 4 1st Floor of the Keep
  • 5 2nd Floor of the Keep
  • 6 Bedroom in the Keep
  • 7 Terrace with Panoramic View
  • Gardens
  • 8 Garden – Labyrinth
  • Renaissance Chateau
  • 9 Entrance of the Renaissance Chateau
  • 10 Ground Floor Corridor
  • 11 Armoury
  • 12 Chapel
  • 13 1st Floor Corridor
  • 14 Apartments
  • 15 Golden Salon
  • 16 2nd Floor Corridor
  • 17 Bedroom
  • 18 Charles Quint Bedroom
  • Gardens
  • 19 Defensive enceinte wall and latrines
  • 20 Ruins of the Baronial Chateau